Testimonials & Case Studies


Down Home Cookin' at its Best! That's how Tee Jaye’s Country Place began and that's how our restaurants are operated today. Ever since 1970 when the first Tee Jaye’s restaurant was opened, our aim has been to provide the very best in down-home cookin' at reasonable prices and served by warm and friendly people. Tee Jaye's is a family-owned, family-operated, home-style cooking restaurant with nine locations in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area.

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Tee Jaye’s Country Place Restaurants was looking for a solution to keeping inventory levels under control and keeping the overall look of their kitchen staff professional. The company had experienced problems in the areas of product selection and service of the products that they needed.

Tee Jaye’s also sought a program that offered a quick turn-around time for new hire employees, making it faster for new employees to be uniformed and ready to begin their jobs. Their previous supplier was not able to keep up on the process of getting garments quickly and keeping them fully stocked. They also only brought garments in a size array and didn’t actually assign garments to employees creating a problem of accountability.


Arrow Uniform was able to provide a custom program that included assigning individuals a specific number of garments to coincide with each employees work schedule. This was especially important in the case of Tee Jaye’s due to the nature of the program, primarily operating as an employee rental program. Arrow was also able to offer Tee Jaye’s a program that was managed superiorly to aid in the ability to be more cost effective overall. Arrow also provided solutions to accommodate the needs of a garment to be ready quickly for new employees (offering a week turn around on garment preparation)


The transition to Arrow Uniform has been well received by Tee Jaye’s management as well as the end user, the employee. The employees are thrilled with the new program, especially the quick turn around and superior quality product. We have also received positive feedback about the cost of the garment, providing a high quality product at the price of a value based garment. Arrow Uniform has conducted many surveys including site visits and, hear a consistent positive message.