Testimonials & Case Studies

Arrow's seamless approach and attention to detail has insured a mutually beneficial business relationship. Partnering with Arrow uniforms and Jessica Lamore and has been a great experience, a breath of fresh air, and at the end of the day has proven more beneficial to our bottom line.

Chow Hound Pet Supply is locally owned and operated since 1981. Chow Hound is rapid growing pet supply retailer with 8 locations in West Michigan. The company is very involved with the community, helping over 500 animals get adopted last year and fundraising thousands of dollars for the Humane Society.

Chow Hound Building


Chow Hound Pet Supply, with eight locations in West Michigan, was looking for a consistent and cost effective mat & towel service. Due to the nature of their business, having dog washes at all of their locations, they needed the products and services to be effective. On top of the towels & mat service Chow Hound Pet Supply wanted to work with a local supplier who can provide superior customer service and keep up with the continuous growth. The retailer is expected to expand their business, adding at least one new location every year.

Chow Hound sought out a company that could provide reliable service in a timely and effective manner. They envisioned a vendor that would go the extra mile when they had a special event they were hosting.


Arrow Uniform was able to provide reliable service & products while keeping up with the pet retailer’s growth. This was especially important in the case of Chow Hound to the nature of the program, primarily operating as a retail store. Arrow Uniform was able to decrease their costs and build a program that would benefit each store location specifically.

The Arrow Uniform Service Department has been able to adapt to Chow Hound’s needs and applications by providing reliable and prompt customer service. This has been critical in their day to day success; allowing Chow Hound to focus on their customers. Arrow Uniform has been able to provide savings throughout the program which has positively impacted Chow Hound’s bottom line.


The transition to Arrow Uniform has been well received by Chow Hound’s management as well as the end user, the employee. The employees are thrilled with the new program, especially the quick turn around times and the reliable services received. We have also received positive feedback about the cost of the program, providing quality products and services. Arrow Uniform has conducted many surveys including site visits and hear a consistent positive message. Arrow Uniform is proud to partner with Chow Hound Pet Supply and is looking forward to continued future success.