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Art Van Customer Satisfaction Quote Testimonial: Arrow Uniform and GNC has had an exceptional relationship for the past three years. Arrow Uniform provides GNC employees with quality logo wear at an exceptional price. I cannot speak enough accolades about the great customer service that Arrow provides to our associates from the order entry to the shipping of products. We expect to be in a long lasting relationship with Arrow, they are our uniform vendor of choice.

Arrow was awarded the GNC uniform program in 2012. Arrow’s program supports GNC worldwide, encompassing over 8,800 worldwide locations for the global titan in Personal Nutrition, including corporate owned stores and stores which are independently owned and operated. GNC is in over 50 countries and has over 20,000 employees. Arrow’s conjunctive mission with GNC is to ensure the custom tailored program exudes the GNC brand and motto – “Live Well.”

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General Nutrition Centers (GNC), with over 4,900 US corporate and franchise store locations was exploring for quick turnaround uniform solution while minimizing the company’s liability. Individual employees were pre-paying for uniform items that they were waiting 6-8 month to receive due to backorders on uniform shirts produced overseas. On top of the garments taking too long to arrive GNC was also looking to take advantage of cutting edge moisture wicking fabric, going for an athletic look to match the overall demographics of their employee base.

GNC also sought after a website driven around an employee purchase program, making it user friendly and managed by the provider and employee, not GNC’s store managers. In many cases store locations do not have internet access, creating a need for a responsive call center to place orders. Their previous supplier was seldom accessible by phone with many calls going unanswered.


Arrow Uniform was able to leverage our buying power to source and provide stock uniforms minimizing GNC’s liabilities. This was especially important in the case of GNC due to the nature of the program, primarily operating as an employee purchase program.

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On top of decreasing the liabilities Arrow was also able to build a custom eStore allowing for Arrow to take on the task of managing the program. The website was an immediate success, built around ease of payment with several options for the employees, most importantly personal credit cards. The new website provided a retail look and feel, with many of the same functions you’ll see from a retail site, such as order confirmation, order history and shipment tracking. Arrow also put together a program with custom literature to support a call center for employees without internet access. The main garment was such a big success based on wear trial information, GNC consolidate the program to a hand full of style, centered around a core male and female modern fitting moisture wicking polo style shirt.


The transition to Arrow Uniform has been well received by GNC management as well as the end user, the employee. The employees are thrilled with the new program, especially the quick turn around and retail looking product. We have also received positive feedback about the cost of the garment, providing a high quality product at the price of a value based garment. Arrow Uniform has conducted many surveys including site visits and hear a consistent positive message.

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The female employees love the modern fitting garment, more tailored to their appearance than a standard uniform polo. The men love the moisture management the new fabric has added. The simple but modern look has given GNC the edge they were looking over the competition. Arrow Uniform is proud to partner with GNC and is looking forward to continued future success.