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Central Transport, with over 200 Service Centers in the US and Canada, employs over 2,000 drivers nationally. Arrow Uniform also services the “Ambassador Bridge” and handles the corporate apparel program for the well known transporter.

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They were tied to a very large inventory commitment with their prior vendor. Each Service Center was responsible for ordering driver uniforms via an online forum. A corporate administrator was responsible for verifying the employee eligibility prior to placing the uniform order.

When orders were placed they were automatically sent for fulfillment creating unnecessary research and order cancellation. Central Transport experienced long delays due to overseas manufacturing and also had product deficiency issues with excessive snagging of the garments.


Arrow Uniform was able to source and provide stock uniforms eliminating the need to warehouse inventory eliminating the liability of the customer. The uniform program was an overall cost savings, thanks to our volume and buying power.

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The program image and employee satisfaction was improved by offering a snag-resistant product. Along with our collection, Arrow designed an on-line ordering system that was simple and productive for the Service Centers to use. Now, all orders are entered and sent to the Corporate Administrator for approval and release of order if criteria are met.


The employees of central transport have been thrilled with the new program and the new user friendly website. Since the launch, Arrow Uniform and Central Transport have also launched an employee purchase website, offering some of the most popular brands in the industry to the corporate office employees. Arrow Uniform has become the “One Stop Shop” for the all of CT’s uniforms, corporate apparel and technician rental garments.

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