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Arrow Uniform has been providing uniforms to the employees on Con-way for more than 20 years, and in 2012 launched one of the most recognized uniform programs in the transportation industry, redressing employees in every job category, including the technicians and shop supervisors. The program launch was one of the largest in our companies history, comprised of more than 220,000 garments and over 800,000 embellishments.

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Con-way freight is one of the largest transportation companies in America, employing over 19,000 employees across the United States and Canada. A recognized and name in the trucking community Con-way set out to build their own look and as they would describe it, "For the people designed by the people". Con-way freight wanted to get rid of their industry standard mechanic look. They started with their driver community and put together a program that was not only an image the Con-way leadership team to be proud of both one that the employee felt comfortable wearing after work to their children's activity or event.

Con-way freight set out to overcome the ideology that image doesn't matter to trucking company. Not only was Con-way concerned about improving her image but also the safety of their employees. Con-way and Arrow worked together to make sure that safety was incorporated in the design of the garment however still keeping image and identity front of mine.


Con-way freight and Arrow Uniform started the uniform overview current transition by creating a group called to EUAC. This committee was built from Con-way employees that were passionate about the change.

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The EUAC, Con-way and Arrow Uniform worked together for six months to design a garment specifically around the nature of the industry, making sure that comfort, quality, mage and safety were all incorporated in a look recognized them moment the driver walked into your building. Arrow Uniform worked with a custom manufacturer to put together to look like no other. This new product is made from a new age rib-stop fabric and is constructed in a way that works around the employees jobs function, using use some very unique decorating options to not only help enhance the image but also added safety features to the garment. Con-way embellished the garment with a silver metallic thread and put HI VIS piping in strategic areas of the garment to enhance the visibility of the product. This process also proved to be a major success and display of technology capabilities, as we were tasked to fully integrate a custom website within their E Procurement system.

Con-way’s uniform program has only been on the marketplace for a matter months and it's taken that only the industry but the general popularity by storm. Con-way will be up for several awards in 2013 as one of the most recognized and innovative uniforms of the year!


Con-way has continued to lead the transportation industry when it comes to image and identity. In 2013 Con-way won the prestigious NAUMD “Image of the Year” award, and may be nominated for the newest addition to the program launching in 2015, a custom enhanced visibility moisture wicking and snag resistant polo shirt. Con-way’s program has continue to grow with open arms, thanks to the help and support of the Con-way account management team and their dedication to employee engagement.

Con-Way Freight NAUMD Image of the Year Award Recipients 2013