The Arrow Advantage: Facility Services

Arrow Uniform Facility Services

Arrow Uniform Facility Services offers a wide range of solutions that enable businesses to build their image and increase profitability and productivity. Whether you need restocking services, floor mat rental services, towel laundry services, soap control or ongoing restroom paper products, Arrow Uniform can customize a program to meet your needs.

Whether it’s regularly providing clean, custom logo mats for your entry, or a complete scheduled commercial towel and apron program or janitorial supplies program that keeps you in compliance with regulatory guidelines, Arrow Uniform can help you save money and time by allocating the right resources to the right tasks. You likely hired your employees to run your factory, or to keep your restaurant patrons happy, or to drive your delivery vans — not to replace floor mats, restock restroom supplies or mop floors. Let Arrow Uniform take care of your place of business. Get a no-obligation facilities management solutions and commercial cleaning services evaluation today.

Floor Mat Rental Services

Arrow offers a wide assortment of rental mats.

Eliminates 90% of tracked in dirt and moisture. Reduce maintenance labor costs. Minimize the risk of accidents by cutting down on tracked-in moisture. Mat options: Standard walk-off & entry mats, custom logo mats, scraper mats, flow-through mats and anti-fatigue mats.

Towel, Dust Mop & Cover Services

Arrow provides a variety of towel delivery services, mop programs and vehicle solutions.

Easy exchange of soiled towels. Available in the exact quantities that you need. Dust mops provide outstanding dust control for hard surface floors. Wet mops are ideal for liquid spills. Non-abrasive fender & seat covers provide protection to vehicles both inside and out.

Restroom Services

Promote a clean environment for your employees and customers.

Space and storage savings by lowering your on-site inventory. Improved housekeeping. Reduce disposal expenses.

The Benefits of Facility Services:

The video below is a quick glance into what it means to be a part of the Arrow Uniform family as our valued customer.