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Arrow Health & Safety is a leading provider of first aid and safety supplies for businesses throughout the U.S. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products, professional service and great value. Arrow Health & Safety will maintain and service your first aid cabinets and replenish consumed supplies. Professional first aid service, combined with employees trained in emergency treatment, can reduce on-the-job injuries, illnesses and absences. We'll manage the details for you, ensuring the proper implementation and maintenance of your company's first aid and safety program.

Enabling your work force to treat minor injuries and symptoms of discomfort can help them stay on the job and improve their productivity. If life threatening injuries occur, employees trained in the use of advance safety equipment can stabilize the individual until medical help arrives. The presence of properly stocked and maintained first aid kits will contribute to a healthier, more productive work force and quite possibly save a life. Contact us today to speak to a trained industrial safety specialist!

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Training Programs: The Best of the Best

Arrow Health & Safety realizes that minimizing injuries and increasing safety awareness are essential. Injuries in the workplace are responsible for millions of dollars in lost revenue, increased workers compensation claims and soaring medical costs.

The training list below covers the most frequently cited violations, leading the way to significant fines and citations annually. Arrow Health & Safety instructors will be able to conduct simulated walkthroughs and generate a report identifying issues that typically would result in costly citations.

Experienced Industrial Safety Specialists

At Arrow Uniform Health & Safety, we offer an awesome opportunity for training programs. The programs that we currently offer are:

American Heart Association Authorized Provider
  • CPR Certification
  • AED Training
  • First Aid Training
  • Blood Born Pathogen
  • OSHA Certification Training Videos

Free Safety Evaluations - Call Today!

We provide free monthly inspections of your first aid cabinets, eye wash stations, disaster supplies and oxygen to ensure that your company is in compliance with federal workplace safety regulations.

Great Savings

Arrow Uniform has saved countless companies countless hours and significant fines over the years at a fraction of what a visit by OSHA/MIOSHA would cost.

Save a Life!

Watch the video below to learn more about our AEDs.

Click here to view the interactive AED Video from Phillips

For additional training videos, click here to visit us on YouTube!