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The Arrow Advantage: Uniform Rental & Lease Services

Arrow Uniform Rental and Lease Services

Arrow Uniform offers a wide variety of Uniform Rental and Lease Services. Since 1937, Arrow Uniform has been a staple of Detroit when it comes to the Family’s passion, “Service Excellence”! We understand that image is everything, and that each employee is a walking billboard for your company. The right uniform program ensures your brand image will be enhanced from the first smile or handshake. From your top floor to the shop floor, you can count on Arrow Uniform to deliver your total image.

Convenient, Accountable Service

Total customer loyalty and satisfaction is our goal.

Proper identification of your needs, automatic garment inspections and upgrades assures a greak look. Arrow Uniform offers detailed audit reports and rapid response times to resolution.

Accurate Inventory Management

With an automated stockroom and warehouse, Arrow has effectively taken the guesswork out of inventory management.

Real-time tracking of every garment, accurate stock information, electronic coding. We carry the industry’s widest selection of garments and emblems.

Next-Gen Washing and Storing

Unparalleled cleaning quality using of state-of-the-art technology.

Perfectly cleaned and sorted garments, computer-aided inspection and mending systems, zero human error and a strong, professional appearance for your workforce.

Hard Working Shirts and Pants

A variety of patterns available in TouchTex II fabrics.

Wrinkle-free 100% cotton shirts and pants for year-round comfort, Arrow carries a wide assortment of options - from long & short sleeved button up shirts to shorts, blue jeans and twill pants. We have apparel available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Service Apparel

Ideal for food processing, hospitality and pharmaceutical work environments.

Specialized lab coats, counter coats, wraps and smocks, contemporary styled chef coats, cook pants and aprons, comfortably tailored for men and women.

Business and Executive Apparel

Arrow Uniform carries a wide range of lururious apparel.

Coordinating pleated twill slacks, oxford button-downs and casual polo shirts, next generation performance, built-in moisture management, and a plethora of great looking colors and styles.

Coveralls & Outerwear

Perfect for protection from any environment.

Cold weather jackets, fully lined and constructed for warmth and comfort. Rugged, tough-wearing insulated coveralls designed for maximum durability in harsh work conditions

The Benefits of Rental & Lease Programs:

The PowerPoint below is a quick glance into what it means to be a part of the Arrow Uniform family as our valued customer.

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