About Us: Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Focus



Arrow Uniform’s business is to provide cleanliness, image, convenience, and safety to business institutions and other organizations through the use of finished textiles, related products, and services. We intend to grow rapidly through internal means, acquisitions, geographical start-ups and remain national in scope to provide a fair profit and healthy rate of return for our investors by meeting customer needs and providing a high level of service. We will market quality products by renting, leasing, and/or selling through direct marketing, professional sales and route distribution systems.



At Arrow Uniform, we passionately put the customer first and pride ourselves on building mutually beneficial relationships while supporting and depending on one another. We are committed to creating future opportunities through growth by seeking long term profitability through win-win solutions across all disciplines.



Here at Arrow Uniform, we strive for customer loyalty and satisfaction which is earned by exceeding the expectations of our customers. We have inspiring people who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and we build relationships based on trust, honesty and integrity.