The Arrow Advantage: Food & Service Programs

Arrow Uniform Food and Service Programs

From butchers to bakers, counter coats to military coats, Arrow Uniform has the experience you need to properly outfit your team from the Front of the House to the Back of the House and everything between. Whether you’re a local diner looking for your basic linen and towel service or a popular local restaurant looking for a unique look and design, Arrow Uniform is your one stop shop for all of your image apparel and laundry service needs.

Back of the House

Arrow Uniform hasn’t forgotten about the back of the house staff and understands that the people who prepare and serve food are as much a part of an enjoyable dining experience as the food itself. From the back of house staff—from executive chefs and sous chefs to line and prep cooks— We understand that they feel better and work better when they are well attired. That positive morale cascades into smoothly running lines, properly cooked orders and even happier customers. We offer quality garments from some of the most popular brands, contact us today for a complete needs analysis.

Front of the House

We offer a wide variety of garments to help you find a unique look. The restaurant business is inherently challenging. Presenting the right image to your customers, maintaining strong crew morale and protecting your bottom line are hard enough to accomplish individually, let alone collectively. Our front of the house uniform programs help you do exactly that.


If food is your business, then the safety of the product you produce is critical to the success of your organization. In order to comply with regulated standards you must be in total control of everything that happens in your facility. This is where a HACCP/SQF plan comes in and the need for an experienced uniform supplier who has documented internal processes to aid in the programs and practices your company already has in place.

Learn more about HACCP and SQF.