Arrow Uniform's E-Store Instructions

Arrow Uniform's eStore Instructions

Let us build a company store that not only features your own product, but better helps you manage your program!

You only get one chance to make a first impression and each employee is a walking billboard for your company. No business tool impacts your image as powerfully as the right apparel, creating the need for a unified, customized appearance. What’s more, the right wardrobe will give your associates more confidence, and the better they feel, the better they will perform. Arrow Uniform is committed to providing you with a broad range of name brand apparel to choose from, ensuring you will be receiving top-quality garments from recognized manufacturers as well as providing the comfort and style your employees desire.

We have partnered with the industry’s top garment suppliers and manufacturers to clothe every member of your work force, from the top floor to the shop floor. Let our brands build your brand, and ensure your company’s image will be enhanced from the first smile or handshake.

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  • Online Order History & Tracking
  • Supervisor Order Approval Process
  • Customized Categories & Images
  • Administrator Privileges
  • Annual Spend Allowance Program
  • Individual Bundling by Employee
Arrow Uniform's E-Store

Account Management

We understand the challenges that exist in today’s working environment, and just how complicated a uniform or corporate apparel can be. We’ve built our program around simplicity, and program management.

  • Employee spend allowance tracking, managing your budget to the penny.
  • Administrative “Super User Approval Process.”
  • Supervisor privileges allow you to add employees, manage employees, add/manage spend allowances and print reports.

Order by “Employee, Department or in Bulk”

Arrow Uniform is excited to offer a unique tool to help better manage your orders, especially those geared towards large orders for multiple employees. Welcome to our individually packaging program, Arrow Uniform eBundle. The eBundle program will allow you to order garments to be broken down by employee, department, size or other sorting criteria in a quick and easy manner. The sorting criteria is completely up to you, all you have to do is differentiate the criteria in the sorting box, and assign a product to the criteria. You have complete control of how the product is packaged upon shipment. Say good bye to the long hours and the hassle of sorting through garments trying to determine where the garments go, looking for a size or a garment for an employee. Just open up your shipment, and hand out the individually labeled packages.

User Setup Options

Allow us to create accounts for you, managing your user’s login and passwords, or set up a self service employee purchase site. Arrow offers a “create your own account” feature with credit card only check out options, removing any program management hassle.

Managed Personalization Options

Allow Arrow Uniform to help you better manage and enforce your brand standards through forced or logo options. You can personalize your garment with multiple placement options for your custom embroidered design, standard script or block company or employee name.

Your Program, Your Products!

Our company eStore design team will build a site around your programs goals and objectives. Call today and set up an appointment with an account executive to review all of our options, products and services. We’ll put together a project scope and bring your eStore to life, showing only your products, your logo options and your shipping options.